Friday, April 15, 2011

Awful Blogger Award.

Hey Y'all.
I feel so terribly awful for leaving you in the cold. I have been horrible at updating my lovely blog lately. Life has kept us busy. SO busy. I cannot believe it has been almost a month!
I hope you all are still reading :)
Not much has happened here lately.
Andrew continues to grow, change and amaze us. He is so very smart, sweet, loving, and caring. He loves life to the fullest and his Mei Mei too. We all love him and he is learning to love us too. It is crazy to think we have had him almost a year and a half! Wow, God is good!
Anna Grace continues to keep us on our toes with her Sassiness and smarts. She is a genius. Seriously amazes us. We can't wait to see our little brain-surgeon, princess, fairy queen grow up. {Although not too fast!} We are loving every bit of her and enjoying every single moment.

Photoshoot, Disney, and MANY posts coming soon!

I will finish updating Disney soon, I promise.

Next week is SPRING BREAK. so we are excited. We will be heading to Cincinnati tomorrow to enjoy Great Wolfe Lodge and other things :)
I will update soon