Friday, July 29, 2011

The Birthday Boy

So, it is now Birthdays galore time of the year basically. Let's the next ehh 2 ish months. we have 6 birthdays. not kidding. Let's see. Andrew...TODAY!!! Mom...tomorrow! Hayne...August 20. Anna Grace...September 11. Me and Ainsley...September 20. {yes, we share our birthday!} So, be prepared for lots of birthday posts....:)

Today, our precious boy turned 5....


I seriously cannot believe that the little boy we held in China for the first time only a year and a half FIVE.

That seems so grown up to me. What is happening to my babies? They are growing so fast. Our teeny Princess is going to be 5 in September! I just can't believe it.

So, today...we are celebrating our boy. and everything that he is.

He's funny, loud, so boy, sweet, spicy, can give you a pout-y face that you can't help but laugh at, with a smile melts your heart, shy, a total power ranger, a fighter, strong willed, passionate, will NEVER give up, loves his Mama, adores his Daddy, is completely protective and in love with his Mei Mei, handles his siblings like a pro, can melt this sister's heart with a sweet little "i luh you she she" {jie jie; big sister in Mandarin} and so much more.

He is such a blessing. We are so blessed to call him ours. To tuck him in at night and to get to love him forever. Oh how blessed we are!

Today, I think of his precious birth mama. we don't know what her story is but we know she loved our boy. She did what was best for him. She risked her life. Today, my prayer is that she is comforted. That God gives her a peace beyond all understanding and that He lets her know, her/our boy is fine. He is amazing. He is loved, knows about Jesus, has a family. He is a miracle. I pray that she is comforted. I will never be able to thank her enough for this blessing. She gave us this precious boy. Thank you.

Andrew JianHui,
You will never know how much you are loved. You are a treasure my sweet boy. I don't know what I would do without your constant yelling, kisses, i love yous and every other little joy you bring into our life. You are a strong little boy. God has SUCH big plans for you, baby. You defied the odds. You are a miracle. You are loved. I hope you know that. Please never forget it. Today as we celebrate your fifth birthday. I hope you realize how special you are. Today is YOUR DAY. The day God brought you into this world. I look forward to many, many more birthdays with you my love. I hope you have a fabulous day and you enjoy celebrating You. It is all about you today. Cake, Presents, Toys, Friends...all about you.
I love you forever,
Jie Jie
*I will post his 5th birthday pictures soon. I got in from California tuesday night and we left for another vacation/china reunion Wednesday morning. We are still here so I have not had much time for anything. The picture at the top is recent. It was taken Thursday night, our boys last night as a 5 year old. so bitter sweet. More to come!

Monday, July 25, 2011

happy happy happy

Oh my goodness.
Y'all, we GOT IT.
Your prayers, are working!

We got our i800a* approval.

this was the last document  needed to submit our dossier.

God is amazing.

He is moving mountains.


it basically means we are approved to adopt our girl!

We are praying very very hard to have DTC by this week. We would LOVE to have it on Friday for Andrew's birthday.

Keep praying, y'all. please.
Much love,
a happy happy happy sister.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

updates. oh my goodness.

we got updates of our girl.

they made us fall on our knees and praise Him. He IS taking care of our girl. holding her in His arms.

we were told she could not use her legs. at all. 
yet, here she is standing.

she is tiny, yes.

but she is absolutely beautiful.
thank you to Branda for fighting for our girl. she is the reason we have these..we will be forever grateful...

She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. -proverbs 3:15

We have been fingerprinted! We should be getting our approval soon, please pray that it comes super quick and we can be logged in in record time. Please continue to keep our girl in your prayers.

My Sweet Ainsley,
You are already so loved. We were so thrilled to see these pictures of you...STANDING and looking healthy. God is so good. WE are SO blessed. To serve Him. To call you Ours. Oh, how I long for the day I cuddle that sweet little body and hold you for the first time. Soon, sweet girl, soon. I already love you more than you will ever know. God placed you in our lives for a reason. YOU are going to be amazing. You are a blessing, answered prayer and miracle. I love you more than I ever thought possible and I haven't even met you..yet.
I love you so, so much my beautiful girl.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My heart is completely broken.
I am completely broken. 

After reading this post and finding news out from my sweet friend. It is overwhelming. My heart is shattered.
There are children all over the world JUST like Teri Lynn. She isn't alone. I have never been so shattered as to when I read that post. I sobbed. I got chills. It shook my world. A little girl all the way in Eastern Europe. {That sounds terribly isn't, promise} She is the one we should look at every day and remember to pray. There are 146 million orphans just like her. Waiting. 
Artem -- Waiting

Sweet Jacob, who I have been praying for for about 7 months now passed away. He had just been moved to an institution because he had turned 5 {like Teri Lynn}. He lived in Eastern Europe. He even had a family! and believe it or not, I was so attached to a little boy in a picture, who had stolen my heart. I had never met him, touched him, or been able to call him mine. But he was a part of me. {It sounds so weird to say, but it is so true}
Josie -- Waiting.

I am completely broken. I feel as if I could have done something to prevent it, even though I know I couldn't have. I trust God has a plan. God knew all the days of J's life and He KNEW what was going to happen. I feel that Jacob has been put in my life for a reason.
I am broken, for a reason. Something. HAS. TO. CHANGE.
Patrick -- Waiting

These children should not ever be forgotten. but, they are.
I am so thankful Jacob was NOT forgotten. He was SO loved. He was cherished. Prayed for. Why can't all of the children have something like this? Why can't they all be loved and prayed for. Why can't they all have families? People cared when something happened to Jacob, but there are 146 million who no one cares about. 
Kiki -- Waiting

We as Christians cannot just stand here and WATCH as innocent children die every day. I know, people are doing amazing things. but, I feel helpless. 
Priscilla -- Waiting

What can I do to change the life of another child so they do not have the same thing happen to them as Jacob or Teri Lynn? How can I change that? I can't adopt{yet}, unfortunately. But I CAN advocate. and THAT. I will do. I refuse to stand on the sidelines as innocent children each day die, forgotten, unloved, and considered "trash." Yes, Jesus loves them and holds them in His arms.  
Sasha -- Waiting

I fight the anger of why this is happening. Why does God allow this? {I know He doesn't and I know He has a plan...Don't think I am questioning God...} But, Why do I sit in America, in a beautiful, fabulous life style and WATCH these children through blogs and websites slowly wither away. Each day. I am so much to blame. We ALL are. 
Xander -- Waiting

If we are Christians, we are commanded to look after the orphans in their distress. We are not given an option. We are not nudged to do it. God does not just say "Well, if YOU want to" We are COMMANDED to do it. So, why do we all sit and watch? 
Meet Lisa, she is my newest child to advocate and pray for. I have fallen in love with this beautiful girl.
She is in China. Please pray for her. Please spread the word. Help her and the rest of these kids. FIND. the forever family they DESERVE.

*Ok, so I know we don't all sit and watch but still most of us DO.
All of the children posted throughout the post are WAITING. They are the Teri Lynn's and Jacobs. They don't have a Mommy and Daddy. They don't have HOPE. Can you give that to them?
Please join me in praying, advocating, and doing everything we possibly can to make a difference.
These sweet children, pray for them! They are waiting, to be loved, cherished, and to be wanted. Are you called? We are ALL called to help. Maybe you can't adopt, but you can make a difference.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.-Hebrew 10:23

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot : My Gorgeous Girl

I really don't think I have the words to describe Anna Grace today.
So, I won't. Just enjoy the pictures. and be. {Oh and I just had to post both b/w and color because i love it so}

Sorry for the quick, wordless post, I am off to play with Becky and Katie. :)Maybe, I will work through my "writers" block and be able to come up with a semi-interesting post soon, but i'm not promising. ;)

OH or maybe even better, NEW pictures of Ainsley. pray, pray, pray. :)

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Sunday Snapshot

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Almost 5

It is so amazing to me that in 16 days this little man will be FIVE.
A whole hand.

Dude, just being honest. That's crazy.

I feel mixed emotions as this sweet boy's fifth birthday makes its way here.

Sad that he spent 3 birthdays alone. Without a family. A Cake. A Celebration.
He didn't know that it was HIS Special day. The day that he was BORN.

But, I feel a sense of peace and happiness knowing that THIS year {and last year} he has a FAMILY to celebrate with.

To rejoice that he was born. Because he IS important. and he IS loved. He belongs. He is perfect.

So, as we prepare to celebrate this little boy's big day

I can't help but look at his precious face and just smile.

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the long road

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot : Beach!

Our family, just missing Ainsley!
We spent the past ten days at the ever so lovely beach. I absolutely adore our yearly beach trips. We always have so much fun and it is so relaxing. Our whole family {my Mom's parents and my Dad's} come down with us. It is lots of fun!
This year was no different! We had a blast!

We HAD to bring our sweet Ainsley along to the beach, even if just in a picture.

Mema and Papa {Dad's parents}

Nana and Bop Bop{Mom's parents}

We were tortured blessed with 2 hours {on two different occasions} of family pictures. We got a few cute ones.

Our best friends Jodi, Max, Cole, Kamden, Mimi, and Pappy came down for the week also!
Jodi with her precious kids. We hated Craig {husband/dad} couldn't join us for the week!
All of us together
They have been coming for as long as I can remember and it is SO great to have them with us. Max and I have been best friends since I was born. We are a whole 5 months apart. Adam and Cole are no different! They are 7 months apart. Hayne always wants to tag along with Max and Kamden who is the same age as Hayne tags along with me.
Max and I
FINALLY DONE with pictures for the trip!

It is always so much fun to have them to float in the ocean with, play ping pong, walk on the beach, run to the pier, go fishing, and do all of the fun things you can do at the beach with friends! We are so blessed to have them every year.

We spent the entire week swimming, tanning, and just having fun. We didn't do anything big, go to fancy restaurants or the pavilion. We just layed low and had fun. We did though take quite a few trips to the outlets and of course, the Disney* store.
How could we not?!

Overall we had such an awesome week and we were sad to come home but it is so nice to be home.
Oh, and on the bright side, 6 days from now I will be in California again with my favorite other family!

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