Monday, February 27, 2012

the many faces of Ainsley

Ainsley truly has the BEST personality/spirit about her. She is almost always happy and is usually hilarious. Like keeps us all laughing. She can't say actual words, but boy oh boy does she talk! It is so much fun to experience. I adore my love bug. She loves to go outside, but it has been too chilly recently to take her out. Yesterday it was gorgeous out and I decided to venture to the front porch {ooh!} with miss thing. She hates touching grass, or concrete, or anything outside so I was not taking her too far :)
I pulled my phone out and her personality just came through. Enjoy the many faces of Ainsley {and me!}

She was just talking away :) 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


a family photo

or a sibling photo

but was certainly not easy...and of course we had a few tears

but with an icee and some bribes that cleared right up...

everyone is home, our family is complete, we {finally} got a photo...

and that is something to be happy about

{ps to those wondering...The appointments for Ainsley and Andrew went great this week! Please be in prayer as we decide on the near-future surgeries for Andrew..Thank you!}

Sunday Snapshot 

Monday, February 20, 2012


tomorrow my parents will be taking Andrew and Ainsley to a specialized cleft team in Cincinnati. Please pray for the appointment to go well with good news for the future procedures of both littles. Andrew has been many times before, but this will be Ainsley's first trip.
Anna Grace will be accompanying them on the fun trip {which is not so fun}
Please keep them in your prayers this week. They do not have a schedule as when they will come home as they could decide to do surgeries on them this week. If not they will be home on Wednesday.
Thank you for the prayers!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

two months

two months ago yesterday a scared, tiny little girl came into our lives...

and we have never been the same. she now loves fiercely, smiles brightly and makes our world a better place. We love you so our darling girl.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 10, 2012


She continues to amaze us and do things we never thought possible. Oh how proud we are to call you ours sweet love! God is GOOD.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I unfortunately have never had the opportunity to post about our trip to Starfish
We went on 12-21-11. It was truly amazing. 
We loved babies, fed babies, saw the amazing work being done, and met Amanda de Lange. We also got the very rare opportunity to visit an orphanage. My heart broke. I realized how precious each and every life is and I was overwhelmed by need. 
the little girl below is the child i insisted on bringing out of the orphanage. I absolutely refused to leave her. Amanda agreed. {thankfully} her name is now Liliana {I got to choose} and she is being taken care of, loved and is treasured at Starfish. this is just one of the many babies.

Amanda was truly Ainsley's life saver in China. She brought all kinds of amazing things to help us 'fatten and healthy' her up. Creams, foods, everything. Her generosity was overwhelming like the rest of that trip.
I don't know if I will ever be able to properly word and describe that day. 
 at the orphanage picking up babies. so emotional.
 Anna Grace and her new best friend Mila :)

the famous Jack!
Nana, Anna Grace, and Mila
Bryant. He is such a sweet heart and was saved just in time. Please pray for Bryant and the other babies that we brought that day. They were all very weak.

I don't think I will ever be able to THANK Amanda enough. She is truly unbelievable. Starfish is unbelievable and those babies are SO loved and they are taken such good care of. 
Please lift Amanda and her Starfish babies up in prayer daily.
A few days ago, Amanda was diagnosed with cancer. I received an email and my heart just broke. Please lift Amanda and her sweet starfish family up.
She is in URGENT need of medical services in the USA or Europe to save her life. Please lift her up and if you know of any one who can provide this care please let us know.
Thank you for the prayers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

silly girl

what a girl we have!
each day she comes out of her little shell a little more
she talks..and talks and talks! it is so precious
she loves like crazy
and is always smiling...which when you are this cute...why wouldn't you smile?
she has the best personality
and loves music so much
she is in love with technology...especially my iPhone
and knows how to talk on the phone :)
and then gets super happy when some thing happens
she thinks everything is hilarious
and the wonder in her eyes..amazes me
she amazes me
this little miracle of mine
oh how blessed we are.
hey, she even has a signature look...

and a very sassy-know-exactly-what-she-wants-loves-fiercely-little personality.
 this was all in 2 seconds...

oh we love you

off to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!  Yeaaaaaaa buddy.

Sunday Snapshot @ NiHaoY'all

Friday, February 3, 2012

first steps!

we were told Ainsley would never walk when we accepted her file. When we got to China she was not walking, but each passing day we learned that she would walk. in time. her time.
and tonight. for the first time, we witnessed Ainsley's very first steps. and my oh my how beautiful it was. we were all yelling and clapping and scared the poor child to death. so 3 steps was the magic number for tonight. we look forward to the day she is running around the house!
Praising Him!