Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I unfortunately have never had the opportunity to post about our trip to Starfish
We went on 12-21-11. It was truly amazing. 
We loved babies, fed babies, saw the amazing work being done, and met Amanda de Lange. We also got the very rare opportunity to visit an orphanage. My heart broke. I realized how precious each and every life is and I was overwhelmed by need. 
the little girl below is the child i insisted on bringing out of the orphanage. I absolutely refused to leave her. Amanda agreed. {thankfully} her name is now Liliana {I got to choose} and she is being taken care of, loved and is treasured at Starfish. this is just one of the many babies.

Amanda was truly Ainsley's life saver in China. She brought all kinds of amazing things to help us 'fatten and healthy' her up. Creams, foods, everything. Her generosity was overwhelming like the rest of that trip.
I don't know if I will ever be able to properly word and describe that day. 
 at the orphanage picking up babies. so emotional.
 Anna Grace and her new best friend Mila :)

the famous Jack!
Nana, Anna Grace, and Mila
Bryant. He is such a sweet heart and was saved just in time. Please pray for Bryant and the other babies that we brought that day. They were all very weak.

I don't think I will ever be able to THANK Amanda enough. She is truly unbelievable. Starfish is unbelievable and those babies are SO loved and they are taken such good care of. 
Please lift Amanda and her Starfish babies up in prayer daily.
A few days ago, Amanda was diagnosed with cancer. I received an email and my heart just broke. Please lift Amanda and her sweet starfish family up.
She is in URGENT need of medical services in the USA or Europe to save her life. Please lift her up and if you know of any one who can provide this care please let us know.
Thank you for the prayers.

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