Monday, February 20, 2012


tomorrow my parents will be taking Andrew and Ainsley to a specialized cleft team in Cincinnati. Please pray for the appointment to go well with good news for the future procedures of both littles. Andrew has been many times before, but this will be Ainsley's first trip.
Anna Grace will be accompanying them on the fun trip {which is not so fun}
Please keep them in your prayers this week. They do not have a schedule as when they will come home as they could decide to do surgeries on them this week. If not they will be home on Wednesday.
Thank you for the prayers!


  1. Prayers for everyone. Ashton, I met you in China in Guangzhou. My daugther was 6 year old Madi. We met at the Safari Zoo. Can you email me your Mom's online store site. I want to order some shirts.


  2. praying!! Any updates? Those pics of Ainsley are soooo adorable!!!


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