Thursday, July 21, 2011


My heart is completely broken.
I am completely broken. 

After reading this post and finding news out from my sweet friend. It is overwhelming. My heart is shattered.
There are children all over the world JUST like Teri Lynn. She isn't alone. I have never been so shattered as to when I read that post. I sobbed. I got chills. It shook my world. A little girl all the way in Eastern Europe. {That sounds terribly isn't, promise} She is the one we should look at every day and remember to pray. There are 146 million orphans just like her. Waiting. 
Artem -- Waiting

Sweet Jacob, who I have been praying for for about 7 months now passed away. He had just been moved to an institution because he had turned 5 {like Teri Lynn}. He lived in Eastern Europe. He even had a family! and believe it or not, I was so attached to a little boy in a picture, who had stolen my heart. I had never met him, touched him, or been able to call him mine. But he was a part of me. {It sounds so weird to say, but it is so true}
Josie -- Waiting.

I am completely broken. I feel as if I could have done something to prevent it, even though I know I couldn't have. I trust God has a plan. God knew all the days of J's life and He KNEW what was going to happen. I feel that Jacob has been put in my life for a reason.
I am broken, for a reason. Something. HAS. TO. CHANGE.
Patrick -- Waiting

These children should not ever be forgotten. but, they are.
I am so thankful Jacob was NOT forgotten. He was SO loved. He was cherished. Prayed for. Why can't all of the children have something like this? Why can't they all be loved and prayed for. Why can't they all have families? People cared when something happened to Jacob, but there are 146 million who no one cares about. 
Kiki -- Waiting

We as Christians cannot just stand here and WATCH as innocent children die every day. I know, people are doing amazing things. but, I feel helpless. 
Priscilla -- Waiting

What can I do to change the life of another child so they do not have the same thing happen to them as Jacob or Teri Lynn? How can I change that? I can't adopt{yet}, unfortunately. But I CAN advocate. and THAT. I will do. I refuse to stand on the sidelines as innocent children each day die, forgotten, unloved, and considered "trash." Yes, Jesus loves them and holds them in His arms.  
Sasha -- Waiting

I fight the anger of why this is happening. Why does God allow this? {I know He doesn't and I know He has a plan...Don't think I am questioning God...} But, Why do I sit in America, in a beautiful, fabulous life style and WATCH these children through blogs and websites slowly wither away. Each day. I am so much to blame. We ALL are. 
Xander -- Waiting

If we are Christians, we are commanded to look after the orphans in their distress. We are not given an option. We are not nudged to do it. God does not just say "Well, if YOU want to" We are COMMANDED to do it. So, why do we all sit and watch? 
Meet Lisa, she is my newest child to advocate and pray for. I have fallen in love with this beautiful girl.
She is in China. Please pray for her. Please spread the word. Help her and the rest of these kids. FIND. the forever family they DESERVE.

*Ok, so I know we don't all sit and watch but still most of us DO.
All of the children posted throughout the post are WAITING. They are the Teri Lynn's and Jacobs. They don't have a Mommy and Daddy. They don't have HOPE. Can you give that to them?
Please join me in praying, advocating, and doing everything we possibly can to make a difference.
These sweet children, pray for them! They are waiting, to be loved, cherished, and to be wanted. Are you called? We are ALL called to help. Maybe you can't adopt, but you can make a difference.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.-Hebrew 10:23

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  1. Praying and broken-hearted right along with you!


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