Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot : Beach!

Our family, just missing Ainsley!
We spent the past ten days at the ever so lovely beach. I absolutely adore our yearly beach trips. We always have so much fun and it is so relaxing. Our whole family {my Mom's parents and my Dad's} come down with us. It is lots of fun!
This year was no different! We had a blast!

We HAD to bring our sweet Ainsley along to the beach, even if just in a picture.

Mema and Papa {Dad's parents}

Nana and Bop Bop{Mom's parents}

We were tortured blessed with 2 hours {on two different occasions} of family pictures. We got a few cute ones.

Our best friends Jodi, Max, Cole, Kamden, Mimi, and Pappy came down for the week also!
Jodi with her precious kids. We hated Craig {husband/dad} couldn't join us for the week!
All of us together
They have been coming for as long as I can remember and it is SO great to have them with us. Max and I have been best friends since I was born. We are a whole 5 months apart. Adam and Cole are no different! They are 7 months apart. Hayne always wants to tag along with Max and Kamden who is the same age as Hayne tags along with me.
Max and I
FINALLY DONE with pictures for the trip!

It is always so much fun to have them to float in the ocean with, play ping pong, walk on the beach, run to the pier, go fishing, and do all of the fun things you can do at the beach with friends! We are so blessed to have them every year.

We spent the entire week swimming, tanning, and just having fun. We didn't do anything big, go to fancy restaurants or the pavilion. We just layed low and had fun. We did though take quite a few trips to the outlets and of course, the Disney* store.
How could we not?!

Overall we had such an awesome week and we were sad to come home but it is so nice to be home.
Oh, and on the bright side, 6 days from now I will be in California again with my favorite other family!

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  1. Great pictures, even though you were tortured,us Mom's are like that:). So excited to see Ainsley's pic!!!

  2. Precious precious photos of a beautiful family!!!

  3. Great pictures and looks like you all had an awesome time at the beach! Stopping by from Sunday Snapshot:)

  4. Such a sweet post, Miss Ashton! My kids, my parents and I had a wonderful time with your family . . . as always! Remember when Kamden was a newborn and fit perfectly in a padded dresser drawer during our beach trip 2004? Seems like only yesterday. Looking forward to next year already! Beautiful pictures! Love, Jodi


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