Sunday, July 24, 2011

updates. oh my goodness.

we got updates of our girl.

they made us fall on our knees and praise Him. He IS taking care of our girl. holding her in His arms.

we were told she could not use her legs. at all. 
yet, here she is standing.

she is tiny, yes.

but she is absolutely beautiful.
thank you to Branda for fighting for our girl. she is the reason we have these..we will be forever grateful...

She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. -proverbs 3:15

We have been fingerprinted! We should be getting our approval soon, please pray that it comes super quick and we can be logged in in record time. Please continue to keep our girl in your prayers.

My Sweet Ainsley,
You are already so loved. We were so thrilled to see these pictures of you...STANDING and looking healthy. God is so good. WE are SO blessed. To serve Him. To call you Ours. Oh, how I long for the day I cuddle that sweet little body and hold you for the first time. Soon, sweet girl, soon. I already love you more than you will ever know. God placed you in our lives for a reason. YOU are going to be amazing. You are a blessing, answered prayer and miracle. I love you more than I ever thought possible and I haven't even met you..yet.
I love you so, so much my beautiful girl.


  1. So glad you got updates and they were good! Amy HAtcher

  2. That is awesome Ashley!! She is so adorable!
    We are so happy for your family!!

  3. Ainsely looks healthy and beautiful! And praise God that she is standing on her feet!!!!

    We are walking in tomorrow for our fingerprints. Emily has been in Costa Rica this week, so we were not able to go right after we received our appt. letter.


  4. She's so precious! I hope we can visit the CWI when we go get Cecilia. I want to hold Miss Ainsley and tell her about her amazing sister who can't wait to love on her. :)

  5. What a precious baby~ she looks like she is doing GREAT!!! SO thankful and happy for you all!

  6. of COURSE she's standing - isnt that just SO God!?!?!?!

    Beautiful pictures of your sweet Ainsley! Praying that approval comes QUICK and so does your LID!!!!

  7. Praying for lightning fast approvals for you to get to Ainsley!
    What a blessing that you got those updates!


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