Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby is Growing Up

 We have been so so blessed through this adoption to watch our beautiful Ainsley grow up in pictures. This is so different than with Andrew {AG doesn't really count..we saw her and a month later held her} We saw a referral picture of Andrew that was taken in January in May, we saw NOTHING else until the day we finally met him in that crowded Beijing Hotel hall the next January. Oh, how crazy the difference in a year made. He didn't look like the same child.

With Ainsley, We saw referral pictures that were taken in March...we said Yes in June and got updates that same week. {Some updates I will NOT be sharing on the blog..for our privacy and for one day Ainsley's}
Referral picture.
I am not going to share the June updates...once we are home, maybe.
OH how different our baby looked. We received pictures taken in April of our sweet girl in June as well. Then in July we received precious pictures of her in a shirt that we sent her...and then TWICE already in August pictures. It is so crazy to see how Ainsley has changed over a few short months.

It just makes me want to hold her that much more. 

First August Update
August update #2 Seriously...her smile? to die for. You know it is...:) most beautiful baby alive..for sure. in lalalaloveeeee!

September Update #1
how stinking cute is that tongue?! Oh, I LOVE her so. 
September Update #2 BIRTHDAY...that crown looks so very perfect on her sweet head. She is already a princess :) 
as you can see...Sweet baby is growing up...
and this sister is not liking it...not one bit.

Ainsley is two. oh goodness...Please stop growing sweet baby, please.

Day 40 of wait for LOA. Praying it comes this week! 

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  1. Ainsely is just precious! When I saw her pictures my heart did a flutter...her referral photo is very similar to that of my Isabel (similar outfit?). And the play area looks the same? Please take a look at my 2 posted (and only) pics of our girl. we just rec'd PA on 9.21.11. Maybe your sister and my daughter our in the same orphanage? I would be so relieved to know someone who knows my girl...please take a look and let me know what you think and maybe let me know, if you are ok with it, where your precious girl is at. Praying for sweet Ainsley and your journey...The Rivera's


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