Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Tomorrow will be Ainsley's THIRD Birthday. That, my friends, is huge. 
Three years ago in Xi'an China a little girl entered the world. What would happen to this tiny bundle for the next 28 months was unknown to her. She would be transferred from place to place to place.
BUT God had a plan for this little girl known as Ting. He knew that Ting would live through the unimaginable for the first 28 months of her life. She would soon..oh soon be rescued from this and become beloved!

God did not leave this baby girl to fend for herself. I am CONVINCED that the entire 28 months this little girl spent in an orphanage she was in the hands of the Almighty Himself whose love for this precious gem is far more than we could EVER Fathom. Redemption came for this little girl on December 18, 2011. When she was placed forever in the arms of her FOREVER Mama and Daddy. She finally had an Earthly Daddy to hold her and love her to the end of time. Finally. 

The picture on the left was taken almost exactly a year ago today...

December 18, 2011 was the first day of forever for Ting. Her new forever began in that crowded Civil Affairs office. The little girl who was considered "worthless" soon became the most priceless, and beautiful gift in the entire world! She was finally right where she belonged. Right where God had always planned she would be. 

Now, 9 months later this little girl is simply blossoming and doing beautifully in her family. We love her to the moon and back and simply cannot imagine life without this beautiful treasure in our every day. 

Today we celebrate Ainsley's very first birthday at HOME. {It's my birthday, too..yanno} and we are gonna celebrate big! For every thing our girl is and the amazing journey she has been on to get here. Three years ago today, a little girl entered this world. We may not have been there for the first two, but I simply cannot wait to celebrate the many, many more than are going to follow. 

We love you so Ainsley Ting! Happy 3rd Birthday, Princess! You are priceless! 

She is more precious than rubies. Nothing you desire compares with her! -Proverbs 3:15

Would you please wish our beautiful girl a Happy Birthday for us?  You only get a 'first' birthday once :) 


  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ainsley and Ashton!! I hope you both have a wonderful day!


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