Friday, June 14, 2013

letting go

I find the saying "God never gives you more than you can handle" to be about as true as the saying "I have a pet unicorn I have in my backyard." 

Get my drift?

See, I believe that God all the time gives us more than WE can handle. See, we're flawed humans who are in desperate need of Jesus. God can handle all things, we humans cannot. 

Recently, God has been giving us quite a lot. Most of the time it feels as if it is more than we can handle. So we must lean on Him. We've been praying a little more. Being thankful a little more. and mostly been enjoying the [small] [insignificant] [usually unnoticed] blessings. 

If I claimed to be enjoying this season of life, I would be telling a very bad lie. 

God has been teaching a lot lately. A lot of what He has been teaching has been punching me in the gut. Gotta love good 'ole wake up calls. 
One of the biggest lessons is letting go. Oh, how hard that is. 

I love control. I am most definitely possibly considered a control freak. My way or the highway. No in between. I like it my way and I like it organized and perfect and pretty, but that's not how life always goes. Actually, it rarely goes that way…especially not right now. 

God is stretching and molding us. 
We're gonna make it and one day looking back, though it may be extremely painful, we'll be okay. We will be more than okay. 

But right now, if you would like to lift our family up, we would be so grateful. 

Jesus, bring the rain. 


  1. Praying for you, Ashton. Have been thinking about you ever since i read your post last week. Your heart for Jesus is beautiful. Keep us posted as you're able. Love in Christ from your sister, Molly

  2. ha ha, this is so true! You have a gift Ashton!


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