Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, we have two VERY excited 4 year olds in our house...
The rest of the crew is pretty excited too, but the blog is about the four year olds. :)
So, anyways..

Tonight we announced

we were going to see the most famous mouse

and his precious little companions.

You have probably guessed it.

We are going to Disney World!


Anna Grace has been begging for a trip to Disney since our last one in 2008. With Andrew's adoption and everything in between we were unable to go '09 or 10 but finally we are going!

I will leave you with this conversation as we told them that made everyone laugh :)

Mom: Anna Grace and Andrew, Guess what?!!
Them: What???
Mom: We are going to DISNEY WORLD!
Anna Grace: OH MY goodness! YAYYYYY Mommy! My heart is just so,so happy!
Andrew: Disney World? I wanna go to Nana's.

that's my boy.

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  1. I'll bet you guys have a wonderful time! I've wanted to go ever since Kylie came home. But she's been so terrified of "stand up animals" that she's begged NOT to go to Disney until recently. Unfortunately she waited until too close to traveling for Daniel. Hopefully she'll still love princesses next year.
    Have a blast!


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