Sunday, January 16, 2011


As we are approaching our One Year Gotcha for Andrew I cannot help but take a step back and just look through all of our crazy ups and downs throughout this year. This year was like no other, I assure you. It was a year filled with many tears {joyful and not so joyful} and a lot of celebrating. Firsts and growth were in order all the same and many new things that awaited us.
This time last year we had never met Andrew. We were busily packing and rushing to get EVERYTHING ready for our big trip to China! We were SO excited and the thought of holding Andrew in our arms was seriously too much to bare. Our last Sunday spent in America and without Andrew was spent with Family. We went to the movies to see Avatar, to Outback and then headed home to watch a movie in my mom's room. It was a picture perfect thing. So precious and if I could go back to that moment RIGHT NOW, I so would. I would do it all over.
When we arrived in China we didn't know what to think...We were about to meet our babies! About to add another child to our family and change our lives {and his} forever! It was a crazy thought. When January 21 finally arrived nerves were shot and we were complete crazies. We all couldn't sleep and were so excited/scared we didn't know what to do. We walked around the hotel, ate breakfast and then went to the ninth floor, cameras in hand, tissues waiting, and the sweet backpack for Andrew in the corner. Surrounded by all of our sweet friends and family who were waiting for their child too. It was truly unforgettable. Then, Helen {our guide} asked me to accompany her downstairs to help get the babies up. My heart sank to my knees and I was so excited I couldn't stand it. Madison, Taylor, and I headed down stairs. Finally those little feet walked off the bus and something came over me. Tears started to flow and I was having to remind myself to breathe and not to touch him! We rode the elevator up with the babies and took off as soon as it opened. 4 precious children were led off the elevator and into the arms of their Families! What a MAGICAL moment that was! We did not know what was to come after that Gotcha moment. The bonding, the love, and the heart break.
This past year with Andrew has been amazing and it has been hard. We have had to teach a child all new things. He had FOUR years in an orphanage and did not understand family. He taught me how to love in so many ways. God has transformed this little boy. He has molded his heart into such a beautiful thing. This time last year Andrew didn't know what a family was or that he had a family 5 days away from him! This year, Andrew is loving his family and we are SO thankful and so undeserving of this beautiful blessing. Thank you God for our Andrew Hudson JianHui :)


  1. It's amazing what a difference a year can make, isn't it! Today marks exactly 8 mos since Khloe officially became a member of our family. Just 8 short months ago, we were in China, turning our family of four, into a family of FIVE! It's amazing what the love of family can do. These precious kiddos teach us more about ourselves then we ever thought possible. Yes, it isn't always easy, but SO worth every single moment. God is faithful and he has seen both of our families through to some beautiful new beginnings, and we are so blessed to know and have experienced (your family TWICE!) the miracle of adoption!

    Congrats on nearly ONE YEAR! I got goosebumps just reading about your story again... and I even followed it the first time! ;) God bless you Ashton!! <><


  2. "did not understand family."
    I'd say that your little brother understands it now!

  3. We will soon be celebrating our one year gotcha with our little guy. I was just reflecting back on what we were doing one year ago - shopping, planning, booking flights and hotels. It was such a crazy time! Congratulations to you and your family! Your story is beautiful! I am always excited to read about children joining their forever family!

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