Saturday, December 10, 2011

One. Week.

One week from right now, Ainsley will no longer be an orphan. Ainsley will no longer go to bed alone. Ainsley will have a family.
One week from right now, our family will be complete. Our missing piece will be filled. No longer a void or want. Ainsley will be here.
I am so completely thrilled.
we all are.

we are packing like crazy. we are visiting friends. and i am failing to take any pictures. so here are my dad's marathon pictures that i forgot to post...i know..i am terrible. but enjoy!

Mile 13! He was doing fantastic!

Mile 18...still looked great! We actually ran about 1/2 a mile with him at this point.

Right after the race...almost everyone. We were SO proud!

The Marathon-ing Brothers!

The whole crew! SO proud of Dad!


woo, that was back to the whole yanno,
THREE DAYS until we leave for CHINA.
so. excited.
the prayers are so greatly appreciated. PLEASE pray for our health and for our safety. For our sweet girl's heart. She doesn't even know what awaits her a week from right now.
Thanks, y'all!
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Ni Hao Y'all; Sunday Snapshot

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  1. Bahaha! Oh Ashton, your half a mile is soooooo impressive next to his 18 miles. ;) way to go!


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