Saturday, March 10, 2012

cuteness and cupcakes

this week has been a whirl wind.
going. going. going. going.
so, this weekend we decided to take a nice step back, break or whatever.
and do what we needed to do most, breathe.

today was spent at home. trying on clothes, hanging out with my favorite princesses, and making cupcakes.
anna grace spent her morning on pinterest* {i swear she isn't 5..} and saw rainbow cupcakes..she just HAD to make them.

the icing was actually lime green, not yellow:) 

so off we went to the store to find 'rainbow' cupcakes.  we had to make our own rainbow was an experience! but it was fun for her {and me!} and it was just another little bonus of being a big sister :)
Aren't they cute?! I just couldn't go without toppers and all ;) 

miss ainsley also got some new clothes this weekend that we got to try on and oh my is she cute! i personally cannot get over her sweet chubby-ness! how sweet it is!!

sorry for my lack of pictures and interesting information...bad iphone quality shall do for now. off to play with sweet friends! happy sunday!

sunday snapshot


  1. Oh my word. Your girls are SO beautiful. I can't even stand how beautiful they are. Your weekend sounds just about perfect : ) I am glad you had a great one!

  2. Those rainbow cupcakes are just darling and can I tell you how much I miss cute "little girl" clothes?

  3. Love the cupcakes and yes, little girl clothes are the cutest!!!

  4. Where did you get her clothes? So, so cute.

    1. We get a lot of her clothes from boutiques around our town and costco...we LOVE baby lulu, chez ami and mudpie baby :)


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