Monday, June 18, 2012


I am home from Uganda. It's bittersweet.

I am happy to have air conditioning, food whenever I want it, ice, and I won't even lie..I held my head under the faucet when I got home.
i missed home.
I missed luxury.
I missed the American-way.
and it makes me sick.
How quickly I am able to forget the feelings, the smells, the sights, the children.
How easy it is for me to think only about my selfish wants.
I miss Uganda.
I miss my babies.
I miss getting up every morning to the sound of birds and seeing cat-sized rats {okay, i really don't miss THAT but it is part of Uganda}
I miss the need for Jesus.
I miss the need to be on my knees in tears at the end of every day because I was broken into so many pieces.
I miss my mosquito net.
I miss Uganda.
I want to be back.
I am so thankful to be home, but part of my heart has been left in Uganda and I don't think I will ever get it back.
that's okay, though.
I will post about each day in Uganda and about the big moments. Honestly, though at this moment...I don't know where to start. my heart is shattered and I am trying to piece it back together. It may take awhile.
I am writing about all of that right now, but at this moment I am breathing, thinking, praying, and just reminiscing all that happened in two weeks.
coming home to this face at the airport last night did make things a little easier for me :) 

Take this World and Give me Jesus...this is not where I belong.


  1. so glad to have you home and cant wait to hear all about your journey!

  2. Thankful to have you back home. Now I can take a deep breath! It is quite troubling how desperate so many situations are in this world! You are a brave young lady and I am so proud of you! Love, Jodi

  3. glad you are home, but I relate to your mixed emotions.


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