Monday, January 2, 2012


we had an absolutely amazing time in China and we were oh-so-blessed each step of the way. Ainsley Ting is absolutely perfect and we are so very in love.
She is adjusting well. Her attachment is very much to my Mom and I. She is very spicy and she loves all things girly. She eats so well, but we do know that she has severe food allergies. We look forward to getting her to the doctor and seeing how we can help her to adjust better.
It will be back to normal updating soon. Right now we are jet lagged and trying to get back into schedule.
Thank you so much for your prayers while we journeyed to Ainsley!

Oh how BLESSED we are!
Expect a year in review post soon :)


  1. Welcome home and blessings to your beautiful family!!! SO happy you all are home safe and sound!


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