Tuesday, January 17, 2012

yeah, that's what faith can do.

one month ago today in a small room in Xi'an China we met our sweet Ainsley.
we did not know what the future held, or what the days ahead would look like, but we stepped out on faith 6 months ago because we knew she was ours. 
today in a small room at the neurologist office doctors confirmed what we knew all along...

Ainsley is absolutely PERFECT. 

she doesn't have hydrocephalus, brain abnormalities or any other need we were worried about. 
she is completely, 100% healthy. 

All praises and GLORY to the ONE who loves our family and Ainsley more than we can fathom. 

I am so thankful that HE gave us peace and encouraged my family to step out of the boat when everyone around us said no. 

Today, i am praising Him who went before us and chose Ainsley for our family. 

thank you all for the prayers as we brought Ainsley home and as we continue our journey. 

God is SO good. 


  1. She is gorgeous! So happy all went well at the neurologist for you guys. I hope my Haun Qiu Ji gets good reports too when we get her home. We just submitted our I800.


  2. He really is Ashton and she is absolutely perfect!


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