Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black and White Wednesday

Around here we have had Ainsley on the brain. A lot actually.
She is everything we think and pray about for the most part. She is already so much in our family, it's crazy.
We have a lot of sentences that start off as, "When we get on dah big aero-puhlane and get Ann-sa-leee I will be so so so excited." or "I can't wait to have a mei mei!" or Andrew's favorite "I want an African brodha but Aislee is otay for now"

It is probably the sweetest thing ever.
But, my heart is aching. I want my sweet girl {I say she MY child} in my arms. I am already dreaming of Gotcha Day..How I will just sob and smile and kiss her sweet cheeks and how I cannot wait to get tutu and of course a BIG headband on that little bald head. It makes my heart smile just thinking about it.
We are going to get our homestudy authenticated tomorrow! Yay!! We are one step closer!

Soon, sweet Ainsley girl, soon. {Christmas, maybe?}
Mommy, Daddy, Ashton, Adam., Hayne, Andrew, and Anna Grace are coming to get you. Arms open and Big bows galore.

the long road


  1. How exciting for you and your family! I hope time flies and you get your baby girl soon! Great shots of adorable kiddos!

  2. beautiful photos!! black, white, colored they are all just beautiful!

  3. Ahh, I remember those waiting days.. the days just can't go fast enough! Amazing on having the home study authenticated already though!! That is awesome and so soon!! The home study agency we went with was never the, ahem, fastest.. in fact, they thought scheduling the visits about a month apart was acceptable. Umm... no, not so much. lol SOOOO happy that you are one BIG step closer to Ainsley!!! And I vote yes for Christmas ;)

  4. This is my first time to your site... a friend gave me the link thinking I would be interested. After reading the last 2 posts, my eyes are moist with tears because it's like I'm reading from my own story. We are at nearly identical places... home study is complete, I-800A filed, and hearts already knitted to a precious little girl in China. We also pray that we can travel in December to bring her home. It's so hard to wait for that day! Our son, also adopted, prays for her, and God is already preparing him to be a big brother. May God bless your journey and give your hearts great peace through each step.

  5. Sweet girl. I am SO glad that God chose YOUR family to be Ainsley Faith's family. I think her middle name is just perfect~ as you all are truly stepping out in FAITH to bring this sweet girl home.



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