Monday, June 27, 2011

Waiting, Waiting

We are waiting, waiting, and doing a bit more waiting.
Shopping, too. We have bought quite a few things for our girl...A few monogrammed bibs, some BIG hairbows and headbands {well, duh} and a few little matching outfits for Anna Grace and Ainsley. We just cannot wait. 
My sweet Mama has been in high gear for getting all the paperwork done. I don't think she sleeps anymore. 
Satan is clearly attacking our family.
In so many ways, it feels {Please be praying so very hard for us and for our sweet Ainsley}
Just to give you some ideas, last week we got a less than encouraging update on our girl.
She does have needs we were unaware of. That's ok. Some have asked if that changes our decision? No.
Are we stepping back? Never! If you read her story, you know she is ours.
She is beautifully perfect.
Then, we found out that the family was supposed to get to meet our girl was unable to because they were told no at the orphanage. They tried SO hard to see our Ainsley. We were so thankful for the family trying so hard.
The last few weeks we have been sick and it seems we have had everything stepping in our way to get to our girl. Satan is hitting us hard. It's completely ok. God must have some big plans for our girl if Satan is trying this hard to stop us! It just isn't going to happen.
Right now we are waiting to get our completed homestudy which should come this week. {We are praying for tomorrow!} We will then file for our i800 which we have gotten permission for it to be expedited {Yay! pray!!} Hopefully we will be LID by the end of July...GOD CAN.
We know this is pretty fast and seems "out there" but we are doing everything we can to get her home.
Please be praying that we are in China for Christmas {How great would that be?!} We know God has a perfect plan and it will come through at just the right time, but this Jie Jie's heart is aching to hold our sweet baby love. I am still unsure of how I lasted the wait last time!
Please keep our girl and family in your prayers.
More updates and pictures to come soon we hope. Pray that God will move mountains and give us the gift of knowing our girl is OK and seeing it.

She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. -Proverbs 3:15

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