Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot : Anna Grace

This girl right here, cannot wait to be a big sister...
She is going to share her toys, love her, and be such a good role model.
Knowing Miss Anna Grace, I don't doubt it.
This sassy little girl did tell me though,
"I am not losing my Princess spot, so yanno"
"Well, Ainsley will want to be a Princess too"
"She can be the frog."

Sadly, little princess angel girl, I don't think that will work out too well. heh.

I cannot believe my precious girl will soon be 5. A WHOLE hand.

She is such a joy to have in our life. Bringing so many smiles, laughs, and just being thankful to be blessed with her.
She said today "This whole waiting for Ann-saaa-leeeeee is tough. I don't like it."

Me either, sweet girl.

You will be such a fabulous big sister, Anna Grace.

Happy Sunday! Look out for this week, the big reveal IS coming! just pray!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. she is adorable... and looks like she will be a great big sis.

  2. She is so cute and what a personality!

  3. Every girl needs a good pair of boots and these are too cute! Precious!

  4. Stopping in from Sunday Snapshot...

    I am SO happy for you guys! I am 15 also and i can only imagine the joy of adopting another sweet sibling. Your blog is such an inspiration for me! Your pictures are gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful week!!

  5. Yes - the waiting is sooooo hard!! I know Anna Grace is going to make an awesome Jie Jie!!!!!!!

  6. SO cute!!!! Anna Grace is just beautiful and it sounds like she is very ready for big sisterhood!

  7. Some of her expressions are just beyond adorable!
    And she's the princess and Ainsley is the frog? Love it!


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