Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Snapshot : Two Years Ago Today....

We received the referral of our sweet Andrew Hudson. His story is truly a miracle.....

Two years ago today we were preparing to celebrate two whole years with our sweet Princess...

and today...

Well, that's another story...for another day. 

(PS. I am BACK TO BLOGGING in full gear. I will not take anymore month-between-posts-breaks..especially now that we have such exciting things ahead..keep reading...because beloved is getting bigger and better! Sorry I have been so awful at blogging. Updates to come by the boat load soon...really.:)

Sunday Snapshot


  1. What does your family have up their sleeves right now Ashton? Not fair to leave us hanging...
    Happy Referral day to Andrew and Almost Forever Family day to Anna Grace!

  2. Yes, what is up your sleeve?

    Happy Referral Day!

  3. Oh Ashton, I really like this post but it is gonna drive me crazy not knowing what is up today! lol Cute cute pics of Andrew and Anna Grace though :) Maybe its a story for tomorrow?? yes? I think possibly so! ;) I can't stand the suspense for too much longer!

  4. Ahhh so excited to hear what God has in store for your family! :)


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