Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Referral Day

5 years ago today it started out as a normal day. I was in 5th grade and was patiently waiting to hear about the sister I had in China, but didn't 'know' yet.

Given, our agency had told us to be prepared, but they had told us that 3 times before when we were skipped. Getting my hopes up, I learned, was pointless because it would only end in tears and questioning.
I didn't get a phone call or text from my mom all day so I assumed that we hadn't heard anything because she would have said something, right?

I came home from school literally jumping to find out. We walked in the door to bright pink and lime green balloons, 'it's a girl!' signs, and my mom waiting on us. She never waited on us.
I knew we had gotten some information.
We sat down and my mom announced "We got the call!"
We were all completely thrilled. Here's the best part,
3 weeks earlier as we were waiting my Mom asked us all to draw a picture for Anna Grace. I drew a lady bug with seven spots that said "Seven spots so you're seven months old" at that time in the waiting process, most babies were about nine months old and from Hu*an. I drew this picture as just a freak limb thing. I claimed it and I knew in my heart she would be 7 months old, but my parents weren't so sure.
Long story short. My mom announced
"it's a little girl. she lives in Xiushan, China and...well, she is 7 months old."

Squeals galore and excitement beyond belief. It was surreal.
It is still surreal to think that it was all FIVE years ago. Unbelievable.
oh how ridiculously blessed we are.
happy referral day, Anna Grace. We love you our darling girl and are SO blessed to call you ours.

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  1. Happy Referral Day!!! Madison's big sister, Alyssa is from Xiushan!!! She was 6 months at referral and has been home since 12-05!! We loved Chongqing.


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