Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

I still haven't really gotten the hang of the new Sunday Snapshot. So, bare with me guys :)

So here we go, try number 45..okay, not really more like 3. whatever.

This week it is all about Ainsley {what's new?} and her just over the top cuteness...and dislike of grass.

Seriously, y'all. the child is just too much. She has a personality that is unbelievable. She is so joyful.

She smiles constantly and the smile melts your heart. She loves so fiercely.

After being home FOUR whole months life has definitely changed. She has definitely changed.  She used to be unwilling to come within 45 feet of this lovely little dog without screaming uncontrollably...these days she loves to drag her around, but secretly i think Zoey enjoys it :)

Love is an amazing thing. It does amazing things. One amazing thing is making this child chubby. When we got her in China she was anything but that. At 2.5 years old she weighed 11lbs and a 12month outfit fell off of her.

Now, a 24 month hugs her like spandex. Hallelujah.

Her favorite things to do these days are, um...hit, smile, laugh, yell, throw food, eat food, drink sweet tea {and lots of it}, take 4 bottles a day {save your judgement} and yeah to make us all fall helplessly in love.

Life is so good around here.

Happy Sunday!
I used a Nikon D90 and a 100mm lens. I edited all of the photos using photoshop cs5 and a collection of many different actions all mixed together.  

Oh, and most importantly the rain boots were $5 at Target. thankyouverymuch.

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  1. Beautiful girl- Beautiful shots!! I can't decide which I like better- the boots or the hat! I have a passion for stripes & polka dots. Love it even more when they're mixed together!!

  2. She is precious... and she has clearly just blossomed in her new family :)
    Happy Sunday!

  3. You get my vote! She is absolutely adorable and your photo's are awesome!
    God Bless,

  4. I love how animated she is. Just darling!

  5. I have to tell you- I ran off to Target shortly after reading your post to grab our own rain boots. I found them quickly... for $25!!! So, I'm totally jealous of the deal you all scored!!

    1. Oh my gosh!
      We bought the girls the polka dot boots and Andrew Paul frank monkey boots. All for $5! I cannot believe they were that much. Our target is undergoing a lot of remodeling and stuff...maybe that's why. So sorry for your unfortunate finding of the boots!

  6. No judgement here...for bottles or anything else. Your family is doing an absolitely awesome job of taking care of these precious little ones!!!!
    I think I'll go to Target and see if they have those boots in my size! LOL Definitely will get some for my China Doll. :)


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