Thursday, April 5, 2012


if you have been reading this blog for any of time, or if you read my about me you most likely know that my heart is in africa and it has been for a while now.
last year i was planning to go on a trip, but it unfortunately {and looking back for good reason} fell through.
this year though, i was ready. january i began searching and praying for God to point me to Uganda and to make a way, like i knew He could and would.
my oh my did He deliver!
on June 3 I will board an airplane to Uganda. the place where my heart has been for so many years and now i will get to be there physically.
I am THRILLED with the team I am going with and have actually been dreaming and trying to go with them for 2 years. it is so God.
so God that my school approved me to miss so many days of school.
so God that my parents are allowing their 16 year old daughter to board a plane to Africa.
so God that He has perfectly orchestrated a trip.
so God that everything continues to fall in to place
and the list goes on.
Please keep me and the team in your prayers in the days to come as we prepare and go to Uganda.
I still have SO MUCH to do to prepare and a long, long way to go at that with fundraising, packing, school, etc. yet I feel God encouraging me and simply telling me to 'Be still and Know'
I cannot wait to see how things play out and how God blesses our team. it is going to be amazing i know that much.

hey guys,
guess what?


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  1. Congratulations!! Wish I were! :)
    p.s. Love your blogs NEW look!


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