Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Surgery

Ainsley had her first surgery at home this morning {she had many in China}

It was a very simple routine surgery. She had tubes put in her ears. It's not a huge deal really, but for her it was. See, every single surgery in China she was put to sleep, woke up in tremendous pain, and was placed with a new family/orphanage. Every. Time.

This time though, it was different. She was put to sleep but was surrounded by lots of love from her Mama and Nana. When she woke up she wasn't in much pain and she was with the same people she went to sleep with. Such a big difference.

The doctor said Ainsley's ears are very bad. There was a lot of pressure and fluid, which from my experience, is so not fun. I am so glad we have that handled. Please pray for her hearing and that is will improve. The doctor feels this should help.

Since coming home she has been doing well and has played with me on the beloved webcam. SO thankful.

All in all surgery was very easy and gives us hope for the many more our sweet girl will face in the near future.
Four months ago yesterday we were blessed with a very beautiful little girl in Xi'an China. How thankful we are to call her ours!

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