Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter is a fantastic time of year. This year it was especially special because our family was complete.

I had to guys, really. I did. 

Last year, Ainsley was not in our plans. This year, Ainsley is all we can talk about. All we can think about. All we can praise God about. {A post on that later} 

she was very tired of pictures at this point :) 

On Saturday we went to Nana's house and had our annual Easter party. All of our friends came over and we dyed eggs, hunted eggs, had a candy table, met the Easter bunny, and amy more things. It was definitely fun! Every year we have done this and it never ceases to be a family favorite. and I got to hold a baby. nothingelsemattersguys.

Ainsley loved dying eggs {and dying herself} she did not stop smiling and talking. She stole the hearts of everyone at the party :) 

It was so much fun! HUGE thanks to Nana for having the party again this year :) 

Today was another blessing. We got up to all of the wonderful surprises that the Easter Bunny had brought us. 

Celebrated Easter for it's true meaning. enter song...Our God's not dead, He's surely alive! 

Stephanie and the boys!
Anyways, we then headed to our sweet Aunt Stephanie's house. We had not been in a few years and it was nice to relive tradition and celebrate as a family. They prepared an absolute fabulous meal and it was so sweet to fellowship with our beloved family that we love so much.

We stayed from about 12-5 which was lovely, fun, and made the comment 'Next year, i am sending invitations with a time!' hehe. Stephanie secretly loves it. We had a fun egg hunt again which consisted of money eggs. 
Which is serious business, y'all. it's m-o-n-e-y after all. 

Andrew especially took it to heart coming out with about $15. Which is enough to buy another power ranger. hallelujah. It's definitely needed because he didn't get 12 for Easter or anything. 

Ainsley and I egg hunted together and did rather well, too. my money is going towards Uganda and Ainsley's will probably go towards animal crackers ;)

Can you tell she LOVES her Mama?

As much fun as all this Easter celebrating is, it is not what this holiday is about. It's about celebrating what Jesus did for you and me. Reflecting, Rejoicing, and Thanking. 
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter in the hopes that  you experienced sweet worship with God, His Word, His people and His church today.  
and You can, because He’s not dead.
He’s alive.
Empty Tomb. Risen KING. Rejoice!

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