Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas...

This year we are so blessed. The past year has been filled with many ups and downs and a lot of adjusting. But overall so amazing.
This time last year we had a stocking hung but no one here to represent it. We had presents under the tree but no child to open them. We had a hole in our hearts as the holiday season had come and we had no precious child to hug and hold. There was a child in China who had no family. No presents. No love. and knew nothing about Jesus. This year the stocking is filled. The presents will soon be unwrapped. Our hearts are full. Jesus is so present. Family is such a big thing. Love...well we are all quite smitten with this little one.
But, there are so many families and children in this position this year. Some, for the LAST time. Some the first or second. Some don't know their child yet but love them so much. I know how that is. Please pray for these families. Spending a Christmas without your child/sibling is so hard. Please pray for all of the families that continue to wait for their sweet child. Pray God will let these children know they are loved.
Now there are children who have no families waiting for them. They are waiting. for hope. for love. for a home. Could you be that Christmas wish? Could you give a child the greatest gift in the entire world?! The love of a family? Please pray for the precious Orphan as they sit in an orphanage with no gifts on Christmas morning. No love. and No idea why people even celebrate. Pray that there will be a home for them next year. That this is their last year waiting.
I hope you all have a blessed Christmas Eve and that you feel as blessed as we do.
Have a happy day. Eat too much. Smile. Love. Be thankful. and
Remember the real Reason for the Season.

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  1. Joining you in praying for those left behind...
    Merry Christmas Ashton (and family!)


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