Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snapshot Sunday : Picture taking

SNi Hao Y'all

As much as I would like to say I am just a wonderful big sister, carry my camera everywhere, and every waking moment is about Anna Grace and Andrew. I can't. I don't feel I should lie to you guys. I have been terrible about my camera, capturing pure moments in life, and even taking it in at that. Life is so busy. Constantly going and doing and never just sitting and taking in the beauty of life as it is I don't need fancy clothes, sweet backgrounds, beautiful, fake smiles, poses, or any of that stuff I so much want. I just need to capture the moment. hold it in my heart. So when I look back at these pictures I think of the beautiful moment not the moment where I was getting on to them for not looking at the camera or one of them was laying in the floor screaming. None of that matters. None of that is what I want to remember when I look back on their little lives. When they are grown or older than 4 and don't want to be snuggled and kissed and loved. That stuff won't be important. Sure, my pictures are lovely. They capture the pretty face. But do they capture the moment? Do they capture life or just the face?
I feel that all through this beautiful, happiest time of the year Christmas season I have failed in that aspect. I have taken about 10 pictures. I have about 0 on my computer. seriously.
So, my goal for this week is to take my lovely nikon all around with me. To the store. To the families house. To lunch. To the playground. To the rooms. To anywhere and everywhere possible. Seriously.
Tonight I was walking into my parents bedroom where they so sweetly were watching Toy Story 2. That is a favorite at the moment and the only movie they don't fight over about watching...Although Andrew does proclaim while waiving his arm "I watch fairy, Mama?" {yeah, he does...} Toy Story is a hit for both of them between Buzz Lightyear and Jessie these two are smitten.
I am too.
When I walked into the room the sight took my breath away...
I will let you see that for yourself...

this time last year, i dreamed of this...

this year, i have this. And it is the best feeling in the whole world.

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