Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Snapshot : Santa Claus

For the past 3 years Anna Grace has been home and went to see Santa she has SCREAMED. She has always hated him. Apparently something changed in that little mind of hers and she now loves him.

This year when we went to see Santa it was truly precious. Andrew and Anna Grace were both SO excited. They pretty much ran to Santa when they saw him. The look on Andrew's face was priceless. Such precious "firsts" for a 4 year old.

After Santa we walked around the mall and took a few more pictures before heading home. It was a great day filled with lots of fun! Especially for Andrew!

He is so excited about Christmas! He is slowly starting to grasp the fact about Santa and it not being his birthday...For about a month {we set our tree up November 1} he would sit in front of the tree and sing happy birthday to himself. It was so funny.

In a month he will have been home a YEAR! How is that possible? Time has truly flown. We feel so blessed to be the ones who get to love him everyday and take care of him. The ones who tuck him in and tell him he is loved, get to steal his kisses, and watch him grow. We are so blessed.

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