Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Baby

We have gotten a baby for Ainsley. yanno the soft, lovey ones that you send to them and you just love to look at and pray that it makes it to your baby and that she loves it as much as you do. With Ainsley's birthday in a month exactly. {well yesterday} we are preparing a package for her...So very sad we will not be with her for her 2nd birthday {I share the same birthday with her and it will be my 16th...bittersweet}

Well we decided that until we sent the doll...everywhere we went and everyone who was close to us that we saw we would take a picture with the baby...then when we sent it to Ainsley she could look at the pictures of her family holding this baby and maybe connect the also just makes us feel better...yanno..this sister heart and my sweet mama's heart.

We bought two dolls..and plan to take the other doll everywhere else with us so Ainsley is truly with us everywhere we go...even if it is through a baby doll...

We can't wait to send this sweet thing to our girl and hopefully we will see her holding it and loving it...just like we are. We can't wait to hold you sweet will sure be a whole lot better than a stuffed baby :)
Please pray for us this week and that we get more information about Ainsley...that we are LID already and we are able to start waiting for LOA. Thanks for your prayers! 

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a sweet little package for Ainsley! Praying you get your LID and continue to leap all the hurdles necessary to hear those two letters we all wait for.......TA!

    Best wishes to you and your family.



  2. I know she is going to love all of her birthday goodies!! Sending up prayers for your family and that sweet Ainsley is with you guys very soon!

  3. What a cherished gift! I think someday, she'll love the pics with the doll as much or better than the doll! We did the same for our littles. 3 years later, my daughter still has a strong bond to the little bear, unlike her other stuffies.

    Hoping to be compiling a care package again someday soon.

    Gorgeous family! Thx for sharing!
    Nancy-of the crazy 8s

  4. Beautiful pictures of your family! Sweet idea with the baby doll. Hope you hear good news this week about LID!

  5. LOVE this idea!!!! Someday Ainsley will look back and know her crazy family already adored her before you got her!!

    AND I've heard LOA's are coming rapidly!! Praying that's true for you as well!

  6. So obvious to see that Ainsley is crazy loved already! Praying for her during surgery and for you guys as you wait...


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