Monday, August 1, 2011

five never looked so good.

five years old. whole hand. whoa. slow down, baby

i seriously cannot believe that Andrew is five. it is just so insane to me. for some reason, being five seems so old to me.

andrew is so precious and was so excited to do these photos today.{i'm not even joking}

something about being five.

we will have his party this week. so. excited.

this is his "mei mei face" giggle.

he will be having an iron man party...I was rooting for the monkey party but he, believe it or not, overruled me {haha}

he really tugged our heart strings this weekend while at an interview for a news paper because of Anna Grace's Xiushan Reunion {which was totally fun...more of that later!}
he told the woman "I was so sad in China. All I wanted was a Mama and a family...and now I have that and I am so happy."
our hearts melted.

he then made the point to say we were "bringing Ainsley home so she could be happy too! because she wants a family.

oh, sweet boy. you are so loved.

we are so blessed to have you in our life and so thankful to call you ours.

and may I just say,

five has never looked so good.


  1. Ohhh I remember when Sarah was five and holding up her sweet little hand with five fingers! Ahhh..I miss those days.. my big 7 year old now!! Seriously, where does time go?! Enjoy 5!! :) A a very very very happy birthday to Andrew!!!

  2. Completely precious!!! LOVE every single photo!!!


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