Sunday, August 28, 2011

never grow up

this post is me rambling, just a warning ahead.
there is such a fragile, beautiful, and wonderful thing about being a child. the running around carefree. the lazy, long days. the toys and innocence. Oh how i love watching anna grace and andrew experience their childhood. how beautiful it is. i never, ever want to grow up.
Mommy and Daddy with Baby Ashton...what a difference 15 1/2 years makes..

as i was going through all of my old scrapbooks the other day i found all of these precious pictures of me as a little girl...I was darling, right? kidding, kidding.
i scanned all of them onto the computer straight from the scrapbooks, ps
i guess i am thinking way too far ahead. i am only in 10th grade. i still have 3 whole years of living at home before i have to grow up...but seriously three years.
my dad looked like such a baby...and of course, I was a baby
the lyrics from Taylor Swift's Never Grow Up keep running through my head.

Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room
Memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home
Remember the footsteps, remember the words said
And all your little brother's favorite songs
I just realized everything I have
Is someday gonna be gone

Oh, Oh the famous Mommy and Me shot.
Simba{Ashton} and Pooh{Max}
and I will be 16 in like 23 days and 7 hours...but who's counting? me.
Ainsley will too, mustn't forget about baby love.

{Side note: this is Max...we have grown up together and we were literally together 24/7 growing up}

during our adoptions i have made really great friends through my blog. they are jesus-loving christian girls who love their siblings, just like me and they are living a normal life. i have always been the youngest by a few years in the group, but you would never know it...until now. all of my close adoption friends have moved away to college but i am still in high school almost there with them.this is another reason growing up is so heavy on my mind.
i see anna grace and andrew and it takes me back to the time when i was just like them. so young and fragile and just the innocence of being a child.

yea, i was one of those kids that loved barney.

I may be growing up in many ways, but i am so very thankful i have so much left to live and i have so much left of my childhood to enjoy.even if it is only three years. 
and thankfully, i don't think you ever have to really grow up.

the future is so exciting. the past is filled with many beautiful, painful, and yet perfect blessings. and the present is here to be enjoyed and loved. enjoying the little things in each day..because they will make the big things later on in life.
so, whatever the future may bring, i will welcome it with opened arms.
this is my very favorite picture that i have found
Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little
Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
It could stay this simple
Don't you ever grow up

Happy Sunday Y'all.

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Ni Hao Yall


  1. Love your'a fun to got down memory lane.

  2. What fun pictures of you growing certainly are an amazing young lady, most people your age wouldn't appreciate all that you do about every day. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Isn't it fun to go back and look at pictures of yourself from when you were "little" ?!? Thanks for sharing those!

  4. I love going through old photos! So much fun! :)

  5. What a cutie you were & are! Can't wait to see the pictures of you with Ainsley.

  6. So sweet! You were so cutee!! Love that song! You know i really enjoy reading this for alot of reasons but mostly because i feel the same way.. Everyones leaving and here we are just living through the last few years of high school and enjoying them while we can! :)


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