Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas IN China!

We got our Article 5 tonight! We are beyond thrilled and one HUGE step closer to Ainsley! We are waiting on TA and according to our agency we should be in China for CHRISTMAS! We are beyond thrilled. 

Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts. This was a big thanksgiving blessing and we have so much to be thankful for this year! 
We also have Ainsley's travel blog set up. This is where ALL of the updates while in China will be posted. GO HERE to check it out. 

give thanks to the LORD, call on HIS name; make known among the nations what HE has done. 
-psalm 105:1


  1. Congratulations! Praises to the Lord!


    Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm SO excited for you!!! And that KFC cup in her hand? Priceless! ;)


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