Sunday, November 13, 2011


we are still waiting for our approval. it is only a little insane. our papers are lost and we have about 10 people trying to track it down. please be in prayer that it is soon found and we have our approval and art.5 very soon. Christmas with miss Ainsley is not looking very likely, which means just my mom and i will be traveling. That will be heart breaking to my dad and brothers {and the littles, too} i cannot imagine. 
we are receiving fantastic updates on Ainsley. she is improving and miracles are happening in her little life every day. it's amazing. 

we were told that Ainsley could not stand. she had no use of her legs and she was very behind in development. we knew this going in and we did not really care. {ok, we did but you know what i mean} we got photos and our girl is STANDING. alone. we are on our knees in praise to the ONE. 
i made this short little video {above} of our sweet girl and the updates we have gotten. Dreaming of Christmas with our girl. Sorry for a less than entertaining update, more later.
Thank you for praying! 


  1. Hello Ashton. I have not been on your blog in awhile. It looks like God is blessing your family very much. I am excited for you all.
    I wanted to start back blogging but I need some help. Melanie (from Spain) said you do blog makovers and headers. Would you be interested in doing one for me and how much do you charge?

  2. You can send me a email @ sheltietwo2001 @yahoo .com
    no spaces


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