Saturday, November 26, 2011


We had a fantastic Thanksgiving as a family.

Spent a lot of time eating

talking, laughing, loving, and just being

it was fantastic. we spent thursday at my Nana's house. just hanging out, watching football, sleeping.

then at 7pm my mom, nana and i left to go Black Friday shopping {it makes me tired just thinking of it} we really didn't have a goal or anything we had to have, but we view this day as our "olympics" we love it. we stayed out until about 3 am and went back to the house slept until 7 and shopped the rest of the day. it was fantastic.

we also woke up on friday to updated pictures of miss Ainsley! It was such a huge blessing. We are praying that we will leave for China on DECEMBER 15. PLEASE* join us in this prayer. We KNOW our mountain moving God can do it!

tonight we relaxed at home and watched our beloved Clemson Tigers get taken down at USC. Still love em, but it was a tough lose ;)

PLEASE pray we get our TA this week! 
Happy Sunday, y'all! 


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